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Since 1998, Platform-7 has been creating gathering spaces, festivals, art interventions, exhibitions, conferences and live performance.


The Live Event Intervention Company

The post-Covid world is not going to return to normal, and your event will need to reflect the change in your customer, employee, community and business partner expectations.

With a network of more than 200 event professionals, Platform-7 delivers events and interventions that gently challenge pre-existing perceptions and engage your audience in fun and inspirational ways.

How We Work

We listen to what you need and want from your event.

We propose a range of options that can fit your budget.

We understand who you wish to reach and why.

We deliver your intervention efficiently and effectively.

Specialism, Partners and Clients

We specialise in events focused on the environment, technology, changing cities, and conflict.

Our partners include major universities and local government and we work with and advise a wide range of clients.

Forget Zoom, Meets, Teams, etc

Platform-7 has the most advanced online tools for your conference or online event, which allows booths, breakout sessions, separate stages and speed networking, plus much more. Get in touch to discuss.

Live and Past Major Projects

COP26 TIGHTS BALL (2020-2022)

Developing nationwide strategy and deliver for online workshops and real time parades concluding with rolling a giant Tights Ball to the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, expressing scale and environmental damage of discarded textile waste – COP26 Tights Ball

CATCH THE TIDE (2020-2021)

Catch The Tide is Gillian Harwood’s manifesto for the English coastal town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, a town in decline with many challenges, yet with potential to grasp a new vision by embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Catch the Tide

Haphazard Business (2019-2020)

Haphazard Business is an ongoing live research journey seeking to understanding how an idea becomes reality, by documenting thinking, influences, research and experiences in building a new kind of innovation hub, Fourth Portal – see below.  Haphazard Business

Fourth Portal (2019-2020)

Creating hybrid portal spaces imagining life in the Fourth Industrial Revolution using art interventionist methods to bring creative practice, technology and entrepreneurship under one roof. This ongoing programme greatly impacted by Covid-19 pandemic  Fouth Portal

Moving__Me? (2019)

Moving__Me? is a collection of one-off photographs from people living on London estates,  which captures their story on the impact of local authority regeneration programmes.  Moving Me

FAST – Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (2018)

Final presentation of this five-year EPSRC programme at Abbey Road Studios, which brought the very latest technologies to bear on the entire recorded music industry, from producer to consumer, making the production and consumption processes more engaging, FAST

Network Rail – Surprise & Delight London Bridge Train Station (2017)

Series of live performances and art installations to ‘Surprise and Delight’ customers of London’s fourth busiest railway station, undergoing major re-development, while improving employee environment and reducing stress levels.

Innovation Box (2016)

Using a traditional red telephone box, Innovation Box attempted to explore the innovative methods employed by people who found themselves homeless and how they overcome the numerous obstacles that accompany living on the streets.  Visit

Resting Place (2014 – 2016)

Resting Place was a series of individual live performances taking place sporadically across a two year period responding to events written in the diary of First World War VAD nurse, Clarice Spratling, and the journey she undertook.  Resting Place

Urban Photo Fest (2012 – 2016)

Providing advice on strategy, growth and delivery of the Urban Photo Fest, an international festival on urban photography and visual methods, across multiple locations, including Tate Britain and Photography Gallery, in conjunction with Goldsmiths, University of London. Urban Photo Fest

Waste Agency (2014 – 2015)

Discussing consumption and wastefulness, this 4-month intervention in the City of London challenged workers in the Europe’s financial capital whether an economic system built on natural resources and oil is it really sustainable.  Waste Agency

The Tights Ball (2014 – 2015)

A fun and hard hitting environmental project to collect discarded ladies tights to create large heavy tights balls that provoke conversation around the environmental impact of nylon and oil, politics of female body image and consumption..  Tights Ball

Veolia Songs (2013 – 2014)

In collaboration with The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Veolia Songs was a one year MA student project responding to The Tights Ball (above) and Silent Cacophony (below). Visit

Silent Cacophony (2013)

Silent Cacophony was a series of live performance installations that took place simultaneously across England and internationally, for Remembrance Day, highlighting the tragic shift war inflicts on people’s lives.  Silent Cacophony

Draw Me / Tedna Vey (2011 – 2013)

Draw Me / Tedna Vey is a camera obscurer booth that allows people of all abilities to create instant portraits using marker pens for free, often capturing the personality of the subject and leading to a deeper understanding of the relationship between subject and image maker. Visit

Re-imagining Ladies Tights (2012)

Re-imagining Ladies Tights collected individual stories of tights and stockings; discussing the consumption, disposal, body image and the impact these seeming innocuous items have on the environment and society. Visit

Tapescape Catford: The Intervention II | Deluge (2012)

Following on from Tapescape I (see below), and the accompanying videocassette amnesty, videotape sculptural performance Deluge slowly emerged over 6-week period to eventually measuring more than 5mx20m, captivating local audiences. Visit

Tapescape Catford: The Intervention I (2012)

Tapescape Catford was a live art intervention exploring the politics of the videocassette in a disused Blockbuster video store in Catford, South East London, closed following looting during London’s 2011 riots.. Visit

No Man’s Land (2012)

No Man’s Land took place across ten London underground stations simultaneously on the Eurostar terminal at Waterloo train station, on Remembrance Sunday discussing the blindness of European society in 1913 as it blindly walked towards the first of two devastating World Wars. Visit

Up The Line (2011)

Up The Line was a series of short live performance installations during darkness in Margate St John’s Cemetery, inviting visitors to reflect on the outcome of intolerance and racism that was prevalent across Thanet, Kent.  Visit

Moonbow Margate (2011)

A three month art and performance intervention exploring the impact of the new Turner Contemporary art gallery on the deprived areas of Margate and Cliftonville in Thanet, Kent.  Visit

Up The Line (2010)

A repeat of the 2009 experimental Up The Line 2009 intervention during darkness in Brockley and Ladywell cemetery, a designated nature reserve. Dancers, poets, musicians and multimedia artists performed short three-minute pieces of work exploring how we all reach our opinion on war and conflict. Visit

Up The Line (2009)

Up The Line was, at that time, a radical live intervention during darkness in Brockley and Ladywell cemetery, a designated nature reserve, where dancers, poets, musicians and multimedia artists delivered short repeating three-minute artworks exploring how we all reach our opinion on war and conflict. Visit

Moonbow Jakes Coffee Bars, Venues and Theatre (1998-2009)

Platform-7 and much of the artist network originated from Moonbow Jakes, a small south London chain of coffee bars, converted from derelict buildings with live performance stages, exhibition spaces and a dedicated outdoor 40seater theatre. Visit

Changed Attitudes

Audiences are seeking more from live interventions, attitudes have change dramatically since Covid and people want this reflected in their event experience.

Our large experienced team of more than 200 event professional have been researching and pushing the boundaries of events and audience interaction for two decades, we can help you reimagine your event, whether in the U.K. or internationally. | +44 (0) 7808 808 704

Specialities and areas of expertise.

Art and ExhibitionsLive Performance
Public Space InterventionsBehaviour Change
Cities and PlacemakingHigh Streets and Retail Imagination
Research and DevelopmentAcademic Symposiums
War and ConflictMigration
Music | Art Exhibition | Poetry | Festival | Dance | Theatre | Workshop | Party | Street Performance | Conference

Ideas Shop

Want to create the event yourself but need help formulating your idea? We have a half-day idea storming intervention workshop to really help you think creatively about your event.

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